Which Service is for Me?

What is a Eucharist Service? 
A Eucharist Service means that communion (a re-enactment of the last supper with the giving of bread and wine) will be given to any member of the congregation that wants to receive it. A blessing can be given to those who do not want communion, or you may choose to remain in your seat during this part of the service. This is a formal service and follows a prescribed format which is slightly different for each Church in the Benefice. 

What is Matins / Evening Prayer? 
The services of Matins (Morning Prayer) and Evensong (Evening prayer) are 2 types of service that are common to the Anglican Church. Together they form the Daily Offices and in some Churches are performed morning and evening every day. In the Whittlewood Benefice they are performed in some of the Churches once a month and are based on the Book of Common Prayer which is the official service book of the Church of England so is a formal service. Evening prayer may also be known as Evensong and can involve more singing.

 What is T @ 4? 
T @ 4 is a family-based service held in the Church rooms in Silverstone at 4.00pm. It begins with a cup of tea or coffee, cake and a craft activity suitable for children. This is followed by a short service led by a member of the congregation (not a priest) and usually finishes at 5.00pm 

What is Family Worship? 
Family Worship is a service that contains readings and activities suitable for all ages and encourages participation. It is not usually led by a priest but by a member of the congregation.  
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