Family History
We are asked regularly for information about the Baptism, Marriage and Burial records of our churches. These provide a rich source of information to family historians and others researching our past history. 

Detailed information about family history started with the UK census in 1841 and the Civil registrations of Births, Marriages and Deaths in 1837. 

Before this time church records are the major source of information about families. For these records we owe a debt of gratitude to Thomas Cromwell, Vicar General to King Henry VIII, who in 1538, ordered that every wedding, baptism and burial should be recorded. 

There was a certain amount of resistance to this at the time, but by the 17th century most priests were doing their duty and from this time our valuable social history started in the form of these records and our parishes are no exception. In the Whittlewood Parishes all of our old record books are now lodged with the Northampton Record Office. 

The records can be viewed by contacting the Archivist: 
 Records Office 
Wootton Hall Park 
Northampton NN4 8BQ
01604 762129 

The following records are held at the Record Office:


Silverstone  -  1831 to 1948
Abthorpe  -  1583 to 1989
Slapton  -  1573 to 2003
Whittlebury  -  1653 to 2005
Paulerspury  -  1674 to 1879


Silverstone  -  1832 to 1974
Abthorpe  -  1587 to 1987, 1992 to 2008
Slapton  -  1575 to 2006
Whittlebury  -  1666 to 1958
Paulerspury  -  1681 to 1837


Silverstone  -  1831 to 1989
Abthorpe  -  1593 to 1987
Slapton  -  1573 to 2005
Whittlebury  -  1653 to 1936
Paulerspury  -  1678 to 1894
      *** All the records for Abthorpe parish have been transcribed and are available to be searched, free of charge, at