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The winner of the March draw was Lucy Jones!!

Thursday, March 1, 2018, 20:09

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From Revd Paul

The beginning of 2018 has been a busy time, but a good time too.
I seem to find that my diary has never been quite so full.

There are regular things that are in the diary, things that are here as constants in the life of the churches now.

Amongst these we have the weekday communion service on Thursday mornings at 9:30 in St Michael’s Church. There is a small group who come along to this service; it would be wonderful if there were more. For you information this is a simple service during which we hear the word of God, we have time to reflect on this word. We often listen to some music, amongst which is the Apostle Creed from the Taizé Community. Of course, this is a service with the bread and the wine which is, to us, the body and blood of Jesus.

Fairly recently we have begun a regular pattern of Bible reading and reflection. Each Wednesday at 1 p.m. in the Church Room in Silverstone we take up to an hour to read through Scripture, at the moment the readings are those set for the coming Sunday Service. We read a couple of different translations, we pray, reflect and take the opportunity to talk about how the Word of God we have listened too speaks to us.

And also, we now have the Singing Group. This is, as it says elsewhere in this edition of ‘Praise Be!’ not a choir. There are a group of people that join me in St Michael’s Church to sing Christian songs; this can be chants, praise songs and traditional hymns.

Our reader, Clare Ray is offering the opportunity of quiet, spiritual refreshment at ‘Something for the weekend’ on the first and third Friday’s of each month from 2:15 p.m., just right for before collecting the children from school, or maybe if you have a busy weekend ahead, to have time to be you in quiet and peace first.
These are offerings to help us engage more in our relationship with God, to share our faith with one another and to celebrate that we are children of God together. There are no membership requirements, people, you if you would like to, can come to any of these regularly or only occasionally.

Of course, as I am putting this edition of ‘Praise Be!’ together and writing this article we are in Lent.

We marked Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and have begun to engage with Lent Courses in the Benefice.

There are plans being drawn up for a special service on Palm Sunday. See the separate article about this elsewhere in this publication, I do ask that as many people as possible join us for Palm Sunday this year and then continue through Holy Week to Easter.

And yes, this is the edition that talks about Easter.

I like the alternative name for Christians; that is that we are the Easter People of God. The celebration of Easter is very important to us as the Church, it is in this festival that we can come close to God and be refreshed in rehearing the story of Jesus death and resurrection.

I hope that as we go on through the year that there will be more opportunities for us to be able to celebrate the wonder of being God’s children, the Easter People.

The services, the other events and groups that we are offering are not merely for me or Clare, for our own good, we are offering these opportunities for you, for the church communities here in The Whittlewood Benefice, as a way to help us all to grow in depth of faithfulness and in the awareness of our relationship with God. Therefore, even if you might have to travel a little, I do urge you to have a go. To be a Christian is not just about being able to go to Church on a Sunday; our faith must be for us all week, every day, all time.

So, yes, my diary is full, each week has offerings of ways to come before God, as well as having time for administration, for writing sermons and services, for taking the occasional offices [Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals] to visiting people. For me, this is all wonderful for it is a joy to be able to work for God and to serve among you, God’s children, my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus.

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The winner of the February draw was Rene Balderson

Monday, February 12, 2018, 15:30

Lent Lunches start on Monday February 19th.
Every week from 12.00pm to 1.30pm in the Silverstone Church Rooms.

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